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Science & Technology at St. Louis of France Parish School

All students in grades K-8 are taught weekly by a dedicated Science instructor, who profoundly explores every Science concept. Your child will learn the basics in Natural Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Science is taught with an interdisciplinary and hands-on approach. Also, every 5th and 6th grade student has an opportunity to attend the 3-day, 2-night, Catalind Island Marine Institute (CIMI) in the Spring. 
You can view photos in the "News" section of the website or Visit "Photos/Videos" at the top of the Home page. 
All families may participate in the Spring Science Night, an interactive night of conducting experiments and activities while devleoping critical and communication skills with the entire family.  
The plan includes utilizing online applications in both English Language Arts and Mathematics. These applications are only not used at school, but are encouraged by all teachers for their students and families to reinforce learning at home. 
We have partnered with Beyond Technology to bring professional development to our teachers. Beyond Technology helps our teachers incorporate technology within their lesson plans. 
We have also partnered with Teal Arts. Teal Arts works with our teachers to develop art-based lessons and seamlessly integrate them into their lesson plans. 

With curriculum from Beyond Technology, St. Louis of France Parish School offers a computer class for our students which will aid in the development of skills required to excel in school and be competitive in the work-force. All students in grades TK-8 will take Computers course, weekly. 
In grades 4-8,  we ask that students bring laptops and tablets to school, if they can. We believe in the balance of teaching the basics of what students need to know (i.e. writing, math, reading, deducing information, critical thinking), with computer literacy.